Screw piles are a fast, cost-effective solution which allow compression, tension and lateral loads to be handled.

These steel piles are manufactured to feature helical plates which are placed at strategic positions along the shaft of the pile. These plates give the pile the foundations it needs for it's tension, compression and lateral bearing capacity. No concrete is needed but can be utilised in conjunction for pile foundations and installations, as the piles are grouped to a steel load transfer grillage.

One of the benefits of engaging with Regional Group is the significant reduction in project construction time, ultimately leading to more cost savings for our clients. Regional Group offer a full turnkey solution as we do all in house design, manufacturing engineering and certification on all our piles. Regional Group use several safety measures to ensure there is a reduced risk to your workforce, as well as the public. We also make things easy in terms of demolition, as our screw pile foundations can be unscrewed easily, quickly and can be reused.


  • Lower cost than driven or drilled piles – do not require to go as deep to reach the same capacity
  • Fast installation
  • No concrete-related curing delays
  • No hold-ups to following trades
  • Little or no dependence on weather
  • No curing time is required, work can continue immediately after installation.
  • Unaffected by high ground water which can cause bored pile holes to collapse.
  • Little to no spoil is generated; this is of significant benefit for contaminated sites.
  • Low environmental impact, minimal noise and vibration during installation.
  • Can be removed, reused and are made from 100% recyclable steel.
  • Ground conditions can be proven by monitoring the torque achieved during installation.
  • Screwpiles can be easily extended should ground conditions change or differ from that expected.
  • Corrosion rates can be accurately determined and included in the screwpiles design.
  • Ease and speed of installation
  • Suitability for low-headroom and other limited- access areas
  • Easy pile cut-offs
  • Minimal support equipment
  • Lower mobilization and demobilization costs

Steel screw piles can be used in multiple applications including:

  • Cyclonic anchors for modular or transportable buildings.
  • Concrete tilt up construction.
  • Solar panel foundations.
  • Tension anchors for temporary structures requiring guy wires.
  • Ground anchors for slope stability.
  • Communication towers and mono poles.
  • Lighting and signage foundations.
  • Compression piles for poor sites with reactive clay, peat or uncontrolled fill.
  • Boardwalks, decks or jetties in eco sensitive areas or with limited access.
  • Bridge abutments, piers and widening.
  • Underpinning and footing repair.
  • Pipelines above ground and creek or river crossings
  • Tension piles for basement uplift loads when below the water table.
  • To resist earthquake load in multi-story stair or lift wells.
  • Construction crane bases or heavy lifting support.